5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Health

1) Water Filters Our bodies are about two thirds water. Water carries
nutrients to our cells and helps flush toxins from our body. The water we
drink literally becomes us! Shouldn’t it be as pure and clean as possible?
There are over 2,110 different identified contaminants in America’s Drinking
Water supplies, and less than 100 of these are regulated at all. Many
contaminants are harmful at the few “parts per million or parts per billion”
range. You may not see it, smell it, or taste it, but they can seriously damage
your health over time. Is your tap water the best it can be?

You should also know that FDA regulations on bottled water are less
stringent than EPA regulations on tap water. Legally, bottled water doesn’t
have to be as good as tap water. Not to mention, we are polluting the
oceans and jamming landfills with millions of plastic water bottles. Our water
filters are better for you, better for the planet and better for your wallet! If
you’re using bottled water now, ask us to compute how much money you
can save every year with our filter. Bottle it yourself and save $

Our water filters are easy to use, cost effective, and are proven to
remove/reduce the widest range of contaminants. Have Delicious
Healthier Drinking Water for about 10 cents a gallon!
We have whole
house systems, portable counter top models, below sink systems, shower
filters, even travel filters. Click here (ID # 145821) to link to the factory
website for a wealth of information, or to order online. For a free brochure,
please email me: info@healthprotector.com, so I can answer any questions that you may have.

2) Air Purifiers A person takes over 20,000 breaths each day. According
to the EPA, many pollutants in the typical home or office are at least 10 times
higher than in outdoor air. The average American spends 90% of their time
indoors. Like clean water, pure air is basic to your good health. Request
our free brochure
so you can see why our electronic air purifiers give you
fresher air than normal air filters or deodorizers can.

3) Food Blenders The other thing our bodies need everyday besides
clean water and pure air is nutritious food. However, I’m amazed that much
of what’s offered to eat can even be described as food. Artificial colors,
artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, pesticide & herbicide residues,
artificial flavors, antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, genetically
engineered “foods” and more. And most of the nutritious stuff is processed
out! What if there was an easy way to make healthier food at home in
minutes? Request free information on our easy to use, superior quality food

4) Superior Nutrition & Detox Ask us for information on a couple of
things we have personally been using ourselves for years to maximize our
good health.

5) Books and DVD’s on natural healing, nutrition & more. Ask what’s in
and Educate Yourself!

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